Boardman Citizens United for a better community
Welcome is a watchdog website designed to keep and eye on the townships trustees and employees and to keep the electorate informed as to what is happening in the township. Anyone can contribute by simply sending me an email via the contact us page. Sunshine is the only antidote to bad government and Boardman government hates sunshine.

The Trustees have begun a dog and pony show in which they are moving the meetings to various Boardman churches. Claiming to want input from voters and trying to influence the need for yet another levy. Ask them why reductions in employee pay and benefits is never an option?

Boardman needs to get their salary structure in order NOT ask for more tax dollars. The audit says we are already paying $20,000 more per employee than peer communities. That $20,000 per employee would more than cover the need for 10 more police officers.

Here is how the latest scam works. They save up unused sick and vacation time and cash it in during the last 3 years which inflates their pensions. Ask Nichols how that works. No wonder they are fighting tooth and nail to keep the pension payouts away from the newspapers in Ohio who are trying to get them published.

Ask about the DROP program that will enable some employees to put the DROP on the citizens of Boardman to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars. Tell the trustees we are tired of funding some of the highest wages, best health care, and sweetest pensions in the state!

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